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It is a ceramic and acrylic based, leafy plaster decorative material with high strength. This material, which consists of ceramic and acrylic resin fired in special furnaces at high temperatures, is easily applied to the surfaces. These plasters are also called shell plaster or ceramic plaster. These products of our company do not spill, do not add, do not fade, are non-flammable and scratch-proof.


Jamb application is the application of exterior cladding material applied for decorative purposes inside and outside the buildings. It is possible to obtain a very aesthetic and quality appearance when performed by professionals in the field.


The system that prevents the heat inside your house from getting outside and the heat outside from entering inside is called sheathing. Accordingly, this system prevents the warm air inside from escaping in winter. It also prevents the cold air inside from escaping in summer.


All applications made to prolong the life of buildings and to protect them against external factors are called insulation. If you insulate your houses, you will not be affected by the negative conditions in hot and cold weather.


Interior painting; It is the process of painting the interior of buildings by a professional team. It is among the most preferred applications for decoration in many places, especially in living spaces such as workplaces and homes.


Mesh plaster is used for insulation on the interior and exterior of the buildings. They are also used as carrier material in ceiling and floor insulation. These products have various weights from 40 grams to 500 grams. However, there are also different pore options.


Drainage; It is the whole process of artificial or natural removal of water that may be harmful to any structure. Expert support is essential for the drainage application, which can also be expressed as moisture and water insulation.


Exterior painting, which gives the exterior appearance to the building or your house, requires fine workmanship. In addition, this application is as important as interior paints made to provide a more aesthetic appearance. Paints applied to the outside of the buildings provide durability to the structure, apart from the aesthetic appearance.


roof insulation; They are roof products that have a usage area for liquid, heat or sound blocking and stand out with their application to different surfaces. Professional application is made with the roof insulation process.


Our company has been serving our valued customers in the field of construction and textile since 1991. In more than 20 years, it has taken a step towards innovations in many fields. It always implements life projects of different qualities in line with the needs of its customers.

Güven Insulation acts with the aim of "creating value" in all areas it serves with its experience.

With our knowledge and technology, we create deep-rooted and value-added relationships with our customers and suppliers, and support all our employees' success by encouraging them, with the understanding of continuous improvement, in order to bring our products and services in line with the changing expectations of the society.

Our goal is; Zero defect, customer satisfaction, green nature, safe and harmonious working environment.
Our mission is to meet our customers with products that meet their demands, with good service on time and with an understanding of acceptable prices, and to work with the understanding of minimizing the damage to human health and the environment.
Our company, which has a harmonious working environment with a high level of efficiency and communication, thanks to open communication and cooperation based on mutual respect and trust among its employees, ensures the continuous improvement of the living and quality standards of our employees, with its management supported by the participation of our employees who are flexible and have a high knowledge sharing rate. we provide.


More than 75% of the energy used in buildings is consumed to heat and cool the building. This energy; efficient and effective use can only be achieved with thermal insulation. One of the common mistakes about insulation is to think that most of the heat is lost through the roof and windows. However, most of the heat energy is lost through the cold outer walls with large surface areas, and this loss constitutes half of the total heat loss. If the aim is to save money, in addition to renewing the windows and insulating the attic floor, insulating the exterior where the heat loss is the most is the most effective measure.